Together Again: The ELATE Musicals

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Show #79 Directed by Joseph Bell Musical Direction by Catherine Rahm

Original cast members Terri Lau, Carol Bratcher and Therese Hawes perform the title song from "Anything Goes", a musical ELATE produced in 1985.

Cotton Patch Gospel (1987)

Harry Chapin's song "When I Look Up" is revisited by original "Cotton Patch Gospel" cast members Carol Bratcher, Therese Hawes and Jeff Zimmer along with Mark Johnsen, Marty McCambridge, Scott Robbins, Debbie Smith and Jeff Thorsen.

100 Years of Broadway

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Working (2001)

Original cast members Rene Laramore, Catherine Rahm and Marty McCambridge perform "Just a Housewife" from the Studs Terkel musical "Working".

110 in the Shade (1993)

Joey Bell and Cathy Rahm reprise their very first roles with ELATE as Sheriff File and Lizzie in the musical version of "The Rainmaker", "110 in the Shade". Jeff Zimmer pinch hits for Lizzie's original father (played by Mario Degreggio) by doing a outrageous Walter Brennan impression.

Godspell (1990)

"All Good Gifts" is performed by original cast members Wendy Hirchman, Therese Hawes, Marty McCambridge and Jeff Zimmer. They are joined by Jeff Thorsen, Joey Bell and Catherine Rahm. ELATE produced this show in 1990.

Into the Woods (1999)

The finale from "Into the Woods" is performed by original cast members Steve Niccoli, Renee Laramore, Catherine Rahm, and Vicki Kirk.

Once Upon a Mattress

Marty McCambridge is a princess once again and is joined by the original Prince Dauntless (Mark Johnsen), and original cast members Carol Bratcher, Terri Lau, Therese Hawes and Sir Studley (Jeff Zimmer).

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Guys and Dolls (1994)

Grant Axton reprises his memorable performance as Nicely-Nicely Johnson in "Guys and Dolls", performing "Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat".

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Guys and Dolls (1994)

Linda Miller slips right into the Miss Adelaide character she played in "Guys and Dolls", singing "Adelaide's Lament" just like she did 14 years before.

Working (2001)

Cassie Rowell sings "It's an Art" backed up by fellow original cast members Joey Bell, Catherine Rahm, Steve Niccoli, Rene Laramore and Marty McCambridge.

Songs for a New World (2007)

"The Elate Musicals: Together Again for the First Time" was a review featuring songs from all the musicals done in ELATE's 25 year history, done by many of the same performers and cast members who did the numbers originally. 

 Songs included: "Hernando's Hideaway" (Pajama Game); "Anything Goes" (Anything Goes); "Happily Ever After" and "Finale" (Once Upon a Mattress), "When I Look Up" (Cotton Patch Gospel) "Lida Rose/Will I Ever Tell You" and "76 Trombones" (Music Man); "Lot of Livin' to Do" (Bye, Bye Birdie); "All Good Gifts" (Godspell); "My Mother's Weddin' Day" and "There But For You Go I" (Brigadoon); "Try to Remember" (Fantastiks); "Wonderful Music" and "The Rain Song" (110 in the Shade); Broadway Medley (100 Years of Broadway); "Adelaide's Lament" and "Sit Down You're Rockin' the Boat" (Guys and Dolls); "As Long as He Needs Me",  "Reviewing the Situation" and "Condiser Yourself" (Oliver!); "Holier Than Thou" (Nunsense); "Maria" (Sound of Music); "It's a Miracle" (Doctor, Doctor); "Finale" (Into the Woods); "Happiness" (You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown); "Just a Housewife", "It's an Art" and "If I Could've Been" (Working); "Never the Luck" and "Off to the Races" (The Mystery of Edwin Drood"); "The Drawing", "In a Moment", "Precious Treasures", "If I Loved You Less" and "The Christmas Party" (Emma) and "Opening" (Songs From a New World)

Choreography by Vicki Kirk & Joseph Bell

Co-Produced by Marty McCambridge & Anita George

Cast: Melissa Aberdeen, Tim Aberdeen, Grant Axton, Joey Bell, Barbara Benner, Aimee Boyce, Carol Bratcher, Roberta Fasso-Locke, Therese Hawes, Wendy Hirschman, Mark Johnsen, Steven Kirk, Vicki Kirk, Renee Laramore, Terri Lau, Marty McCambridge, Sharon McDowell, Linda Miller, Steve Niccoli, Christina Piazza, Catherine Rahm, Jim Ritter, Cassie Rowell, Scott Robbins, Debbie Smith, Allison Syphus, Jeff Thorsen and Jeff Zimmer.

Musicians: Chris Glik (piano), Leslie Baker (Bass), Adrian Peek (Percussion)

 Show #79  April 12-27, 2008