Cleaning Up

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Directed by Stan Brown; Produced by Deborah Sadlouskos & Norma Burgess

The third rate comedy team of Rogers and Harris come to Bob's Place to discover the "old man's" place is about to go out of business because of the Gulf Oil spill. Feeling they owe "the old man" for helping them get their start, Rogers and Harris decide to bring their show to Bob's Place to put on a benefit in hopes of saving the place.

Rogers and Harris Meet the Waitresses

Therese and Debbie perform "Blisters"

Rogers and Harris in Action

Joey Ho and Company perform "Porkerface"

Tim Simpson, Ace of Clubs

Rogers and Harris Meet Their Groupie

Carol Bratcher Sings

Rene Laramore Brings it

Victoria Anne starts the show off with a BANG

"I'm Wishing" with Michael Oberholtzer

Jeff Thorsen sings "One For My Baby and One More for the Toad"

Marty McCambridge brings a little country flavor to the proceedings

"In Transit" makes their ELATE debut.

Gary Laramore brings Magic to the LST.

Tim Simpson tries out a new act.

Vicki and Steven Kirk duet on "Suddenly Seymour"

Kermit introduces the Youtube sensation "Everyone Knows its Lindsay"

Bob (Jim Ritter) confronts Rogers and Harris.

R&H bring out the entire cast for the song "White Beaches"

Someone has a crush on Kermit!

Jeff Thorsen sings the Steve Goodman classic "The Dutchman"

Marty is accompanied by the "Unibubbler".

Rogers and Harris Meet the Wonder Twins

Joey Ho shows off his Porkerface.


An aging MTV VP (Stephanie Brown) arrives to check out Rogers and Harris